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“It was almost 55 years ago when my father, Allen Webster and two uncles, Dean and Ed Webster moved to Brunswick, Georgia after serving our country in the Navy and Marine Corps. It was then that they ventured into the tile trade and soon became the preferred and most respected tile installers on Sea Island and St Simons Island. Having these men as mentors gave me great wealth of knowledge, skill and experience that I am forever grateful for. “ – David A. Webster


About the Owner-


Early Years-

To say David has been in the tile business his whole life could be an understatement. Growing up in a family of tile installers he is at a lost to find a time when he does not remember being around tile at every stage of his life. He often jokes that as a child he crawled and took his first steps on the tile floor his father installed in his family home. His summers off from school were often spent on the jobsite with his father. It was these earlier years where he learned how to masterfully play in the sand pile and build houses and boats from the scrap lumber found laying around the job site. As he grew so did his responsibilities and duties on the job. By the age of 12 he was his fathers mud mixer, tile mule and grouter. As the years moved on David ventured into other jobs like banking and sales, but always did small tile jobs on the side. By the age of 22 he was back into the tile business fulltime and enjoying every minute of it. He remembers his first work van was an old 1989 cargo van that he paid $800.00 for using most his savings. He dusted off his fathers 10 year old tile saw and old rusty trowels and ventured out to find tile jobs.



Having worn that old work van out David is now the owner of a beautiful tile showroom and CNC stone fabrication shop that is the exclusive distributor of some of the most prestigious tile lines available. He has defined himself as the area leader in installation, design and product offerings. People often ask what makes him and his company so much different then other tile and stone companies and design centers. To that he replies – “I can personally install what I am selling and helping you design. There is so much more to selling tile then just color, texture and design. You have to have a full technical understanding of the material; how can it be cut, installed and reshaped. ” It’s to that end that David took a different approach then most tile companies. He not only sells the material but he also offers full service installation and fabrication. What that means to the client is that everything from design, specification to installation you are dealing with the same knowledgable person. So you never worry that your vision will be lost and installation quality is never compromised as it is when multiple people are involved.



To get only better and carry on the family tradition of “Sharing The Art of Tile and Stone”.

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